Painters have always learned to paint by studying master painters!

*IMPORTANT REMINDER: It's certainly never acceptable to try to copy the work of another artist and pass it off as your own, however, artists through time have learned from the work of master artists. Copying a painting of a master painter such as Paul Cezanne is a time-honored method of learning to paint. Remember, never try to represent another painter's work as your own by signing it or trying to sell it as yours. Learn from the exercise and then paint your very own paintings!

One of the most important sources of inspiration for all painters is the work of artists who have stood the test of time and have become “Artist Ancestors”. Painting has always been taught by emulating the work of master painters—remember all those scenes of art students painting in the Louvre in Paris? We no longer need to go to museums to learn from the work of master painters but we can still learn by studying their paintings.

Download and read the attached article on "How to Steal Like an Artist." Locate images of two of your favorite artists' work and analyze them using the questions on the handout. As an example, read the attached analysis of The Goldfish by Henri Matisse which is the painting we will paint next.

For your homework, get a copy of Austin Kleon's little book "Steal Like an Artist" and read it!

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