For our "Fast & Fearless Flowers" course

this month Jill will be painting the February Lone Star Living Bouquet. Annie will be painting a bouquet with similiar flowers from her local merchant.

Each month Lone Start Living Bouquet features a different floral arrangement offering in the Floral Department at HEB Grocery Stores in Texas. If you happen to live in Texas, please pick up a bouquet and paint with us OR pick up similar or favorite flowers and join in the fun-online floral still life painting

Annie and I are excited to have you join us on our NEW 'Fast & Fearless Flowers' painting course for beginners or seasoned artists!

MINIMUM TIME : One hour course each artist



Winning Color Palette by Annie

We will use our favorite Golden Acrylic Paints & minimal supplies.

Fast & Fearless Flowers will Paint a NEW Lone Star Living Bouquet Each & Every Month!

Annie & I love to paint with fresh flowers!! Pick up your flowers and join us online to paint expressively at your own pace!

Expressive & Whimsical by Jill

It's a lot of FUN and you will be proud to display your painting next to you bouquet and share your art with family and friends.

Painting just might become your new passion!

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