Gift Your Art

And by the way how about that Gift List?

Not much compares to gifting your art to family and friends-they will treasure it!

Your Very Own Gallery

We hope your painting with us becomes a new hobby. As you paint and build a collection of your art, you may even consider designating a wall in your home a "Gallery"

Gift Your Art

Why paint one...when you can paint two? It's doable and easy!

Learn how to paint two paintings at the same time and how to varnish, frame and wire them - to have one for you and one for a friend!

It's really a convenient time-saver to have small paintings on hand for special occasions. Not only Christmas, but Mother's Day, Birthdays, Graduation, as a Hostess Gift or just to give as a special surprise for a someone you care about.

Lone Star Living Bouquet

If you happen to live in Texas - you can get the Bouquet we paint- in the season we paint it.
For each of our 12 seasonal classes - for this course- we purchase the Lone Star Living Bouquet, which is available at HEB Grocery Stores throughout Texas.

Note: We also provide you with a printable reference photo of our bouquet in each of the courses.